About Us

After leaving school my mam and dad wanted me to find a job straight away. With me being the daring type and enjoying heights, I decided I’d head down to the local Fire Brigade Station and sign up!

I was told there and then like everyone else these days that “I wasn’t experienced enough” and need to show “experience in a team!”
Bet this sounds familiar to loads of people!

Anyway the Fireman was really helpful and asked me what I was good at in school. When I told him I made an amazing clock out of wood in technology at school he told me to try joiner and to come back in 8-10 years! Off I went to become a joiner and gain enough experience so one day I could save lives as a fire fighter. That was my childhood dream, but like many childhood dreams they never end up coming true.

Don’t feel sorry for me though, it turned out that I was bloody good at joinery! I ended up building luxury homes for a company names Yulls in Ingleby Barwick, serving my time as a joiner and passing my NVQ level 1, 2 & 3 in carpentry and joinery! This made my mam and dad really happy because they decided I could move out of the house even though I didn’t ask to!

After working with Yulls I started working for another company called JCS in Hartlepool, you name it they built it!
I learnt how to build roof truss’s and extensions, which then lead me to tiling roofs aswell! But still something didn’t feel right, I felt like something was missing. Maybe it was my inner child still wanting to be a fireman or maybe it was looking at all the older men working along side me and thinking “I don’t want to be that old working for someone else!”.

So I made the decision to start my brand new company MyRoofer plus! I got a shiny new van and started taking on jobs instantly.

Why MyRoofer Plus?

Well to put it simply, we do all roof work plus much more like driveways and extensions!
We can even help you by sorting out finance for the work we carry out