Green Roofing

Also known as living roofs, green roofs have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity over recent years due to the wide range of benefits they provide for flat and pitched roofing.
These include:
• Reduced rainwater run off
• Enhanced roof insulation properties
• The attractive visual appearance
• A reduction in urban heat island effect
• Enhancing the roof lifespan by protecting underlying waterproofing system
• Providing green spaces in urban areas
• Encouraging biodiversity.

Going green with brown roofing

Brown roofs have many of the same benefits and construction methods as green roofs. When a brown roof is designed, the main aim is to encourage biodiversity. Because they usually use local soil and spoil to provide the substrate for the roof, the roof will often initially be brown in colour. However, over time, plant species will grow over this substrate and the end result will be a green coloured roof that nature has had a large hand in designing.

Sustainable roofing

We can offer you a range of supply and fix green (or living) roof and sustainable roofing solutions. We are certified to fit a variety of different systems from manufacturers of green roofing products such as Bauder, Trelleborg and Renolit. Get in touch about your sustainable roofing today.
Your green roof contractor for:
• Care and Health
• Education
• Leisure
• Commercial

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