Slate Roofing

With its unique natural beauty, slate is recognised throughout the world as one of the finest roofing materials available.

Why choose natural slate?

Ideal for a broad range of roofing applications, its durability means it can contribute considerably to a building’s whole life costs. In fact, a slate roof will last the lifetime of the building, if laid correctly – which is exactly what we do, time after time as experienced slate roofing contractors.

Why choose fibre cement & interlocking slates?

There are many reasons to choose fibre cement & interlocking slates. Fibre cement slates can provide the charm of a natural roof, with all the economical, functional and environmentally friendly attributes of modern slate technology. Low pitch solutions are also available down to 15 degrees. With an aray of finishes and colours, fibre cement slates can be an extremely cost effective solution. A full range of fittings and accessories are also available.

Myroofer plus : experienced slate roofing contractors

When you choose Myroofer plus for your slate roofing contract, you will know you are getting a high quality product backed up by professional installation – all for a cost effective price.

What slate roofing services do you need?

We can you offer competitive solutions in all slate products, either from a UK source or the wide range of product available from around the world – simply contact us about what you need. We require all the slate we purchase and use to meet current best quality material standards so we can reassure you about its future performance.
• Your slate will be installed by specialist slate roofing operatives in accordance with the requirements of BS5534
• Our smooth running, comprehensive service is enhanced by our good working relationships with all the major suppliers
• You can be sure of high standard products, as we only use materials that comply with BS EN 12326 Part 1
• For your peace of mind, we only use materials that are responsibly sourced and support businesses that are responsibly run.

Slate Roofer Hartlepool

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